Julius Caesar held the title of Ponti Maximus

The Caesars were descendants of Trojan Kings.  The Caesars claimed to be descend from the Trojan Kings. Remember the Romans believed that  Aeneas, a Trojan King, founded Rome.  The letter below was written to Julius Caesar by Cassibelaun, king of the Britain.  Geoffrey of Monmouth had possession of the letter and quoted it in his historical account.

 “We cannot but wonder, Caesar, at the avarice of the roman people, since their insatiable thirst after money cannot let us alone whom the dangers of the ocean have placed in a manner out of the world; but they must have the presumption to covet our substance, which we have hitherto enjoy’d in quiet. Neither is this indeed sufficient: we must also prefer subjection and slavery to them, before the enjoyment of our native liberty. Your demand therefore, Caesar, is scandalous, since the same vein of nobility, flows from Aeneas, in Britons and Romans, and one and the same chain of consanguinity shines in both: which ought to be a band of firm union and friendship…”

Caesar began his career as the high priest in Rome.  He purchased that position.  He was a pagan high priest.

 Ponti Maximus

Legend has it that Esau had the royal clothes of Nimrod.  The legend implies that Jacob wore the clothes of Esau when he was blessed by his father Issac.  The robe was actually the robe of Nimrod.  However, we do not know if this legend is true!

Gen 27:15 And RebekahH7259 tookH3947 (H853) goodlyH2530 raimentH899 of her eldestH1419 sonH1121 Esau,H6215 whichH834were withH854 her in the house,H1004 and put them uponH3847 (H853) JacobH3290 her youngerH6996 son:H1121

The crown of Nimrod was held by the Babylonian priest for centuries.  Nimrod was the founder of the city of Babylon and conquered the land of Assyria. Nimrod built the famous tower of Babel near the town of Kish. When the Persians conquered Babylon, the Babylonian priesthood decided to leave that city and make themselves a new headquarter. They went into Lydia (Asia Minor), into what we call Turkey today, and built a city. They moved their Babylonian worship and established a city.  They named it Pergamos (which means Married to the tower).  Attalus the first was the high priest of the Babylonian religions. They called him the Miximus Pontifex the maximum father, the pope, the father of fathers.  He was the pope.  Attalus turned the city of Pergamos over to the Roman Empire during the reign of Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar wanted to become dictator and emperor of the Roman Empire. He wanted to become the Maximus Pontifex. He was granted the right to wear the Pergomite crown.

Shortly after acquiring Pergamos, Caesar died. A few of his “friends” decided to give him a party. They killed him. Julius Caesar had great aspirations to rule the world.  When he saw the statute of Alexandria the Great for the first time, he knelt and cried.  He was responsible for conquering Britain and Gaul.  He died the day before he was to led a campaign against Parthia!!  Parthia was one of the lands that the 12 tribes of Israel settled after their captivity in 721 B.C.

Octavian, Caesar’s successor, took the crown Julius Caesar would have worn. Octavian became the Maximus Pontiff.  That is why the Roman Emperors felt they had the right to be worshipped as gods.

All the Roman Emperors wore this crown until Gratan.  In 376 A.D Gratan became the ruler of Rome. However, he refused the title of Maximus Pontifex for religious reasons. Two years later Damascus, the Bishop of Rome, proclaimed he wanted to wear the crown. Damascus would go on to “head up” the Council of Nicaea.  Every Pope has wore this crown and held the title of  Ponti Maximus since that time.


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