The Story of the Pilgrim

This seminar covers many of the unknown facts about the Pilgrims.  Did you know the Pilgrims did not celebrate Christmas?  Did you know that the furious Indian tribe in Plymouth was wiped by a plague shortly before the Pilgrims arrived?  What was the Plymouth rock? Where is it today?  And there is the account of the summer drought.   They pilgrims had received no rain for months.  They scheduled a day of Fasting.  They climbed to the highest hill and fasted and prayed all day for rain.  The next day the rain started and continued for 5 days!  This seminar covers this and many other true accounts of the Pilgrims.

  • Life of the Pilgrims before Voyage
  • The Voyage to America
  • Hardships, Lifestyle, First Thanksgiving
  • The summer drought

The Story of the Pilgrims in America

Seminar Length: 45 min – 1 Hour


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