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  1. Hi Linda! I love your blog and your information is done so well. I live in San Diego California, and we have been teaching on the tribes revelation and the covenant of God. The information you put together I would like to talk to you about and see how we can co-labor together. Where are you located? I look forward to hearing from you and connecting! My email is momanna@roadrunner.com or heystacers@gmail.com and you can call me at 760-519-4079. thanks. Stacey Mueller

  2. Hi Linda… I appreciate your ‘Setting History Straight’ teachings… Thank you! What I want to know more about though, are the resurrections you were talking about a few weeks ago… I know it’s very clear to you, but was wondering if you could send more information on it to me… I had never heard of that particular form before… I listen to you on Hebrew Nation Online… Thank you, Sandy Linville Orofino, Idaho

  3. I have “googled” the term “Were any of the people aboard the Mayflower 7th(seventh) Day Sabbath keepers” and never saw this (your “blog”) until yesterday. How long has this site been on line?
    I have only had very weak evidence of my belief that there were 7th day keepers on the Mayflower, (such as http://www.truthontheweb.org/KieszHistory.htm ) (A.O. Dodd & Duggar COG7day)
    Since I have often considered the hiding of the woman/church (Gal 4:26) in the wilderness and “the earth opening up to help her an analogy of the TRUE Christian Church settling America forming the USA of the Birthright people of Manasseh after they split from Ephraim.
    Catholicism is the spirit of “anti-Christ) hence condier this formulation of dates
    The “Council of Laodicea” 360ish A.D. was the first “anethema” pronounced on ppl for keeping THE 7th Day.
    This caused some ppl to be killed.
    At this time God’s church “fled into the wilderness for a time, times & 1/2 a time. (1260 days/years)
    360 A.D. Council of Laodicea
    + 1260 years Rev. 12.6.(Gal 4:26 woman is church)
    1620. A.D. Plymouth Rock “earth opened up to help her” verse Rev 12:16
    America was founded by ppl fleeing religious persecution.
    There were 7th day Sabbath keepers on the Mayflower? I certainly think so, but your evidence is hard to follow, I do not see it establishing fact. I do so very much want it to BUT I suppose I will just have to wait and see.

    Wish you the best FT 🙂

    • Hey Frank, The Pilgrims were arrested many times for not attending church on Sunday. Also they were known as Brownist. That means they were 7th day sabbath keepers. Please look that up. But also remember their Pastor John Robinson joined a 7th day sabbath church after the pilgrims left. And Edward Dunham also came from that congregation who would start the first 7th day Baptist church in America. Please listen to my program on the new world it will explain.

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