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Episode 187- The Meaning of the Holy Days

This explains the spiritual meaning behind the holy days. How does the Holy Days tie back the the resurrections and the Wedding of the Bride? Is there a third Resurrection?  Mail this post read more Mail this post




 Most Recent Articles at Top: Series on the 12 Tribes of Israel Who were the 13 colonies? Ephraim and Manessah Story of Benjamin Dan, Naphtali and Asher  -Where are they in History? Who is Reuben, Gad and Simeon in History? Recent Articles: … read more Mail this post

Twelve Tribes

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Episode 79: Mixed Multitude — Where did they go?

Leslie Rees author of “Ye are hidden” tells how the Israelites settled in Africa, China, India, etc. China had a picture of King David in one of their palaces. They brought the teachings of Torah with them. Fascinating account.  Mail … read more Mail this post