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European History and the Popes

This is the religious history of Europe from 1200-800 AD. There were huge groups of believers during that timeframe. Who were the religious leaders? Who were the popes at that time? What was the purpose of the Crusades?  Mail this … read more Mail this post




 Most Recent Articles at Top: Series on the 12 Tribes of Israel Who were the 13 colonies? Ephraim and Manessah Story of Benjamin Dan, Naphtali and Asher  -Where are they in History? Who is Reuben, Gad and Simeon in History? Recent Articles: … read more Mail this post

Twelve Tribes


The House of Lords — why is it important?

Our guest is Stephen Sypkerman is a author of several books and a famous lecturer. He has been a guest speaker for two major events sponsored by Glenn Beck. This is program is on the heraldry of Britain and the … read more Mail this post