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Where:  Hebrew Nation Radio
Date: Live Every Saturday | Time: at 9 CDT   & Sunday Time: 7 CDT

Where :  Messianic Lamb Radio
Date: Live Every Monday | Time: at 6 CDT

Radio Achives: 

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Episode 60: Earliest Migrations into Europe
Part 1:

[audio:early migration part 1 ML.mp3]
Part 2:

[audio:Early Migration Part 2 ml.mp3]

Episode: 59: Where Did the Israelites go after Captivity?



Episode 58: Trojan Kings
Part 1:
[audio:Trojan Kings Part1.mp3]

Part 2:
[audio:Trojan Kings Part2.mp3]

Episode 57 : Story of Noah 

[audio:story pf noah ML.mp3]



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