Book of Hosea — who is he writing to?

The book of Hosea is written to Ephraim. Where is Ephraim today? What does the book of Hosea foretell for Ephraim’s future?

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4 comments on “Book of Hosea — who is he writing to?

  1. Linda: In regard to your saying you think that Samaria could be the DC. and the resident of the white house…. what about this? Isaiah 9 where it talks about the bricks have fallen in Samaria, and Jonathan Cahn does a job talking about NYC. NYC is where Washington was inaugurated and this country dedicated at Trinity Church at the WTC area. That scripture talks about the capital called Samaria which is the capital of the N. tribes and that same scripture played out in our country years ago and not modern Israel the land today. Just as the capital then so NYC is the true capital of the US, not DC. Capital for Capital. Let me know what you think.

    Thanks for your hard work and feeding the flock…. like sheep we have all gone astray.


  2. FYI, in case you are unaware of a possible problem.. for some reason, this particular radio program “Book of Hosea” will not play. I am able to listen to all others.. but this one just seems blank.

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