Where are we in Time ?

Where are we in time? Does Scriptures give us clues as to where we are in sabbatical years and Jubilees?

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4 comments on “Where are we in Time ?

  1. I have also done some indepth study on this. From what I came up with is 28CE would have been a Shmittah year and 29 a Jubilee which would make a year and one half for teaching and a good time to get the attention of the people because there would be no planting or harvesting of those years. If this is correct it is possible that 2037 will be the last of the Shmittah and 2038 would be a Jubilee. There are also the curses for not doing what our Father has instructed which are outlined in Leviticus 26 and there are 5 sets of 7 which I believe start after the first Shmittah of the next Jubilee. Joseph Dumond believes 2045 is the next Jubilee, but I am seeing it 7 years earlier. There definitely is a pattern.


    • Yes Michael you are on the right track. I used the dates from Jonathan Kain because I see the actual evidence that he is bring forward, then I ran a spreadsheet back to the ist century.. That is how I got my dates.

  2. Hi – there are so many important facts in this critical overview that I need it in text format. Is that possible? 🙂

    • Hey I am sorry Lawrence I do not have text for these programs. It is just me doing the programs and it an extremely large job. I wish I had the time to create a text file but I do not have that kind of time. thanks for listening.

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