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Episode 85:  Healing

Episode 84:  The Blood Moons

Episode 83:  The Battles of Joshua — Are they Prophetic ?

Episode 82:  The Controversy of Esau And Jacob

 Episode 81:  The Story of the Maccabees

  Episode 80:  What Happened to America ?

  Episode 79:  Mixed Multitude — Where did they go?

 Episode 78:  The Story of Abraham

Episode 77:  How to Prepare for the End Times – by 119 Ministries

Episode 76:  Religion in the 13 Colonies

  Episode 75:  The Migration of the Israelites into the 13 Colonies * Important Teaching* 

   Episode 74:  Truth about the Civil War 

   Episode 73: The New World: Columbus, Pilgrims, Earliest Settlements 

   Episode 72:  Miracles of the War of 1812

Episode 71:  Miracles of the American Revolution

Episode 70:  The Protestation Reformation

Episode 69:  Tribes of Naphtali, Asher, Dan

Episode 68: Stephen Sypkerman

Episode 67: 119 Ministries Interview

Episode 66: Benjamin

Episode 65: Ephraim and Manessah

Episode 64: Leah’s Sons – Simeon, Reuben, Gad

Episode 63: Fall of Rome – story of the Goths

 Episode 62: Parthians

 Episode 61: Scythians 

 Episode 60: Earliest Migrations into Europe

Episode: 59: Where Did the Israelites go after Captivity?

 Episode 58: Trojan Kings

 Episode 57 2-10-14 – Noah was written in History

Episode 56- 2/24/14 Early Migrations into Europe

 Episode 55- 2/17/14 Proof that the Israelites Existed from History

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6 comments on “Setting History Straight Broadcast

  1. Linda you newest message “Time What is a Day” was AWESOME. Thanks for stepping out and being Qa’dosh / Set Apart. I sincerely appreciate your teachings, you are a true asset to HNR. Shabbat Shalom, Dianna

      • Thank you Linda with great love joy teares in my eyes…For Giveing me back my true identity …. Love your broadcast .I’ve learned more from you in 2 broadcast then 55 years of lies & desiptions.. You Have Blessed Me…yes I will give $25.00 MONTHLY TO HEBREW Nation LINDA You Blessed us..We Love You sister. BIG HUG & a KISS…..ha-ha

    • Neither Maria or I follow or support Kleck. I listened to Obama’s speech and I came to the same conclusion that Maria and Kleck came to on this subject.

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