Tribe of Gad

Who is the tribe of Gad today? The entire history of the tribe of Gad is being told by Steve Mathe. Are they the Germans and Huguenots?

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6 comments on “Tribe of Gad

  1. Genesis 49:19 New International Version (NIV)
    “Gad[a] will be attacked by a band of raiders,
    but he will attack them at their heels.
    19 “Raiders shall raid Gad-Switzerland
    but he shall raid at their heels.

  2. Very interested in this content but he is very hard for me to understand. Don’t mind listening to it a few times but it’s tough.
    Any chance there is a written script of the dialogue available? Just found out about you yesterday. So far I love and appreciate what I see/hear. Just a bit difficult to comprehend. Thanks.

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