End Time

Some many people are talking and writing about Prophecy.  We need to look at what the Bible ACTUALLY SAYS ABOUT THE END TIME.

 1.         We understand what happens at the time of the end by understanding the beginning – the story of Genesis.   Torah is a parable and it has prophetic meaning. 

Isa 46:9-11

Isa 46:9  Remember2142 the former things7223 of old:4480, 5769 for3588 I595 am God,410 and there is none369 else;5750 I am God,430 and there is none657 like me,3644

Isa 46:10  Declaring5046 the end319 from the beginning,4480, 7225 and from ancient times4480, 6924 the things that834 are not3808 yet done,6213 saying,559 My counsel6098 shall stand,6965 and I will do6213 all3605 my pleasure:2656Ecc 1:9  The thing4100 that hath been,7945, 1961 it1931 is that which shall be;7945, 1961 and that4100 which is done7945, 6213 is that1931 which shall be done:7945, 6213 and there is no369, 3605 new2319 thing under8478 the sun.8121

2.         What has happened in the past will again happen in the future.

 Ecc 3:15  That which hath been4100, 7945, 1961 is now;3528 and that1931 which834 is to be1961 hath already3528 been;1961 and God430 requireth1245 (853) that which is past.7291  

3.         The torah is a parable.  It has a deeper meaning than just the history this is recorded.

Psa 78:1  Maschil4905 of Asaph.623 Give ear,238 O my people,5971 to my law:8451 incline5186 your ears241 to the words561 of my mouth.6310
Psa 78:2  I will open6605 my mouth6310 in a parable:4912 I will utter5042 dark sayings2420 of4480 old:6924

Psa 78:4  We will not3808 hide3582 them from their children,4480, 1121 showing5608 to the generation1755 to come314 the praises8416 of the LORD,3068 and his strength,5807 and his wonderful works6381 that834 he hath done.6213

Generation to come means the last generation.

4.         The prophecy is written to all Christians.  The people who descended from the European descent are the descendants of the tribes of Israel today.  See Articles on Migrations of Israel above.

 Rom 9:24  Even2532 us,2248 whom3739 he hath called,2564 not3756 of1537 the Jews2453 only,3440 but235 also2532 of1537 the Gentiles?1484

Rom 9:25  As5613 he saith3004 also2532 in1722 Hosea,5617 I will call2564 them my3450 people,2992 which3588 were not3756 my3450 people;2992 and2532 her beloved,25 which was not beloved.25, 3756

Rom 9:26  And2532 it shall come to pass,2071 that in1722 the3588 place5117 where3757 it was said4483 unto them,846 Ye5210 are not3756 my3450 people;2992 there1563 shall they be called2564 the children5207 of the living2198 God.2316

 Rom 10:19  But235 I say,3004 Did not3378 Israel2474 know?1097 First4413 Moses3475 saith,3004 I1473 will provoke you to jealousy3863, 5209 by1909 them that are no3756 people,1484 and by1909 a foolish801 nation1484 I will anger3949 you.5209

 Deu 32:21  They1992 have moved me to jealousy7065 with that which is not3808 God;410 they have provoked me to anger3707 with their vanities:1892 and I589 will move them to jealousy7065 with those which are not3808 a people;5971 I will provoke them to anger3707 with a foolish5036 nation.1471

Isa 65:11  But ye859 are they that forsake5800 the LORD,3068 that forget7913 (853) my holy6944 mountain,2022 that prepare6186 a table7979 for that troop,1408 and that furnish4390 the drink offering4469 unto that number.4507

 Rom 11:11  I say3004 then,3767 Have they(3361) stumbled4417 that2443 they should fall?4098 God forbid:1096, 3361 but235 rather through their848 fall3900 salvation4991 is come unto the3588 Gentiles,1484 for to provoke them to jealousy.3863, 846

 4.       There will be a famine of the Word in the land.

 Amo 8:11  Behold,2009 the days3117 come,935 saith5002 the Lord136 GOD,3069 that I will send7971 a famine7458 in the land,776 not3808 a famine7458 of bread,3899 nor3808 a thirst6772 for water,4325 but3588, 518 of hearing8085 (853) the words1697 of the LORD:3068

Amo 8:12  And they shall wander5128 from sea4480, 3220 to5704 sea,3220 and from the north4480, 6828 even to5704 the east,4217 they shall run to and fro7751 to seek1245 (853) the word1697 of the LORD,3068 and shall not3808 find4672 it.

 5.       We are to trust in no man.  We are to let the Messiah guide us.

 Mic 7:4  The best2896 of them is as a brier:2312 the most upright3477 is sharper than a thorn hedge:4480, 4534 the day3117 of thy watchmen6822 and thy visitation6486 cometh;935 now6258 shall be1961 their perplexity.3998

Mic 7:5  Trust539 ye not408 in a friend,7453 put ye not confidence982, 408 in a guide:441 keep8104 the doors6607 of thy mouth6310 from her that lieth4480, 7901 in thy bosom.2436

 Mic 7:6  For3588 the son1121 dishonoreth5034 the father,1 the daughter1323 riseth up6965 against her mother,517 the daughter-in-law3618 against her mother-in-law;2545 a man’s376 enemies341 are the men376 of his own house.1004

 Mic 7:7  Therefore I589 will look6822 unto the LORD;3068 I will wait3176 for the God430 of my salvation:3468 my God430 will hear8085 me.  

5. Israel will be scattered among the nations.

 Deu 32:26  I said,559 I would scatter them into corners,6284 I would make the remembrance2143 of them to cease7673 from among men:4480, 376

Deu 28:64  And the LORD3068 shall scatter6327 thee among all3605 people,5971 from the one end4480, 7097 of the earth776 even unto5704 the other;7097, (776) and there8033 thou shalt serve5647 other312 gods,430 which834 neither3808 thou859 nor thy fathers1 have known,3045 even wood6086 and stone.68

Eze 34:5  And they were scattered,6327 because there is no4480, 1097 shepherd:7462 and they became1961 meat402 to all3605 the beasts2416 of the field,7704 when they were scattered.6327

 6.The nation of Israel was no longer considered God’s nation because of their sins.

 Isa 50:1  Thus3541 saith559 the LORD,3068 Where335 is the bill5612 of your mother’s517 divorcement,3748 whom834 I have put away?7971 or176 which4310 of my creditors4480, 5383 is it to whom834 I have sold4376 you? Behold,2005 for your iniquities5771 have ye sold yourselves,4376 and for your transgressions6588 is your mother517 put away.7971

Isa 50:2  Wherefore,4069 when I came,935 was there no369 man?376 when I called,7121 was there none369 to answer?6030 Is my hand3027 shortened at all,7114, 7114 that it cannot redeem?4480, 6304 or518 have I no369 power3581 to deliver?5337 behold,2005 at my rebuke1606 I dry up2717 the sea,3220 I make7760 the rivers5104 a wilderness:4057 their fish1710 stinketh,887 because there is no4480, 369 water,4325 and dieth4191 for thirst.6772

Isa 50:3  I clothe3847 the heavens8064 with blackness,6940 and I make7760 sackcloth8242 their covering.3682

 7.         God will bring again the captivity of the Israel nations.
It is important to note that our people have not gone into captivity since 721 BC.  We have been removed out of our land at least 3 times.  But that did not involve captivity.  These verses are for the future.

Jer 30:3  For,3588 lo,2009 the days3117 come,935 saith5002 the LORD,3068 that I will bring again7725 (853) the captivity7622 of my people5971 Israel3478 and Judah,3063 saith559 the LORD:3068 and I will cause them to return7725 to413 the land776 that834 I gave5414 to their fathers,1 and they shall possess3423 it.

 Dan 9:7  O Lord,136 righteousness6666 belongeth unto thee, but unto us confusion1322 of faces,6440 as at this2088 day;3117 to the men376 of Judah,3063 and to the inhabitants3427 of Jerusalem,3389 and unto all3605 Israel,3478 that are near,7138 and that are far off,7350 through all3605 the countries776 whither834, 8033 thou hast driven5080 them, because of their trespass4604 that834 they have trespassed4603 against thee.

Eze 6:8  Yet will I leave a remnant, that ye may have some that shall escape the sword
 among the nations, when ye shall be scattered through the countries. 
Eze 6:9  And they that escape of you shall remember me among the nations
 whither they shall be carried captives, because I am broken with their whorish heart,
 which hath departed from me, and with their eyes, which go a whoring after their 
idols: and they shall lothe themselves for the evils which they have committed in all their abominations. 

 8.         The nation of Israel will be attacked by the Arab nations.

 Esau wants to cut off Israel as a nation.  They will form a confederate against them.

 Psa 83:4  They have said,559 Come,1980 and let us cut them off3582 from being a nation;4480, 1471 that the name8034 of Israel3478 may be no3808 more5750 in remembrance.2142

Psa 83:5  For3588 they have consulted together3289 with one consent:3820, 3162 they are confederate1285, 3772 against5921 thee:

Psa 83:6  The tabernacles168 of Edom,123 and the Ishmaelites;3459 of Moab,4124 and the Hagarenes;1905

Psa 83:7  Gebal,1381 and Ammon,5983 and Amalek;6002 the Philistines6429 with5973 the inhabitants3427 of Tyre;6865

Psa 83:8  Assur804 also1571 is joined3867 with5973 them: they have1961 helped2220 the children1121 of Lot.3876 Selah.5542

Psa 83:9  Do6213 unto them as unto the Midianites;4080 as to Sisera,5516 as to Jabin,2985 at the brook5158 of Kison:7028

Psa 83:10  Which perished8045 at Endor:5874 they became1961 as dung1828 for the earth.127

 Dan 9:11  Yea, all3605 Israel3478 have transgressed5674 (853) thy law,8451 even by departing,5493 that they might not1115 obey8085 thy voice;6963 therefore the curse423 is poured5413 upon5921 us, and the oath7621 that83.4 is written3789 in the law8451 of Moses4872 the servant5650 of God,430 because3588 we have sinned2398 against him.

 Curse means Alah  H423‘âlâh aw-law’

From H422; an imprecation: – curse, cursing, execration, oath, swearing.

 Dan 2:41  And whereas1768 thou sawest2370 the feet7271 and toes,677 part4481 of1768 potters’6353 clay,2635 and part4481 of iron,6523 the kingdom4437 shall be1934 divided;6386 but there shall be1934 in it of4481 the strength5326 of1768 the iron,6523 forasmuch as3606, 6903, 1768 thou sawest2370 the iron6523 mixed6151 with miry2917 clay.2635


 ar-ab’‛ărab    ערב

(Chaldee); corresponding to H6148; to commingle: – mingle (self), mix.

 Seir is the Arabs and God will destroy them because they have destroyed Israel.

 Gen 36:8  Thus dwelt3427 Esau6215 in mount2022 Seir:8165 Esau6215 is Edom.123

Eze 35:2  Son1121 of man,120 set7760 thy face6440 against5921 mount2022 Seir,8165 and prophesy5012 against5921 it,

Eze 35:3  And say559 unto it, Thus3541 saith559 the Lord136 GOD;3069 Behold,2009 O mount2022 Seir,8165 I am against413 thee, and I will stretch out5186 mine hand3027 against5921 thee, and I will make5414 thee most desolate.8077, 4923

Eze 35:5  Because3282 thou hast had1961 a perpetual5769 hatred,342 and hast shed5064 the blood of (853) the children1121 of Israel3478 by5921 the force3027 of the sword2719 in the time6256 of their calamity,343 in the time6256 that their iniquity5771 had an end:7093

Oba 1:1  The vision2377 of Obadiah.5662 Thus3541 saith559 the Lord136 GOD3069 concerning Edom;123 We have heard8085 a rumor8052 from4480, 854 the LORD,3068 and an ambassador6735 is sent7971 among the heathen,1471 Arise6965 ye, and let us rise up6965 against5921 her in battle.4421

Oba 1:10  For thy violence4480, 2555 against thy brother251 Jacob3290 shame955 shall cover3680 thee, and thou shalt be cut off3772 forever.5769

8.         When will Israel be captured ?  In the summer time.

 Amo 8:1  Thus3541 hath the Lord136 GOD3069 showed7200 unto me: and behold2009 a basket3619 of summer fruit.7019

Amo 8:2  And he said,559 Amos,5986 what4100 seest7200 thou?859 And I said,559 A basket3619 of summer fruit.7019 Then said559 the LORD3068 unto413 me, The end7093 is come935 upon413 my people5971 of Israel;3478 I will not3808 again3254 pass by5674 them any more.5750

9.                   Famine and Pestilence will follow the sword.

Jer 21:9  He that abideth3427 in this2063 city5892 shall die4191 by the sword,2719 and by the famine,7458 and by the pestilence:1698 but he that goeth out,3318 and falleth5307 to5921 the Chaldeans3778 that besiege6696, 5921 you, he shall live,2421 and his life5315 shall be1961 unto him for a prey.7998

 Eze 5:12  A third part of you shall die with the pestilence, and with famine shall they be consumed in the midst of you; and a third part shall fall by the sword round about you; and a third part I will scatter to all the winds, and will draw out a sword after them.

Eze 5:17  and I will send on you famine and evil animals, and they shall bereave you; and pestilence and blood shall pass through you; and I will bring the sword on you: I, the LORD, have spoken it.

 9.         The remnant will not escape until the sword has come.

 Jer 51:50  Ye that have escaped6412 the sword,4480, 2719 go away,1980 stand not still:408, 5975 remember2142 (853) the LORD3068 afar off,7350 and let Jerusalem3389 come5927 into5921 your mind.3824

 10.        The watchmen will tell the people to go up to Zion (Jerusalem).

 Jer 31:6  For3588 there shall be3426 a day,3117 that the watchmen5341 upon the mount2022 Ephraim669 shall cry,7121 Arise6965 ye, and let us go up5927 to Zion6726 unto413 the LORD3068 our God.430

 There will be seven shepherds in the land of Emphraim.

 Mic 5:5  And this2088 man shall be1961 the peace,7965 when3588 the Assyrian804 shall come935 into our land:776 and when3588 he shall tread1869 in our palaces,759 then shall we raise6965 against5921 him seven7651 shepherds,7462 and eight8083 principal5257 men.120

 What is Zion ?  It is a the people, land, Torah and the Messiah.

 We are part of the gathering.  But the churches will not believe.  They will not listen.  So God will get their attention using the great tribulation.  They will be searched out by the Arabs. Notice who is blind?  It is God’s servants.  They are blind but will be awaken by the tribulation.  The remnant will be the fisher’s who teach them.

 Isa 42:18  Hear,8085 ye deaf;2795 and look,5027 ye blind,5787 that ye may see.7200

Isa 42:19  Who4310 is blind,5787 but3588, 518 my servant?5650 or deaf,2795 as my messenger4397 that I sent?7971 who4310 is blind5787 as he that is perfect,7999 and blind5787 as the LORD’s3068 servant?5650

 Isa 42:24  Who4310 gave5414 Jacob3290 for a spoil,4933 and Israel3478 to the robbers?962 did not3808 the LORD,3068 he against whom2098 we have sinned?2398 for they would14 not3808 walk1980 in his ways,1870 neither3808 were they obedient8085 unto his law.8451

 11.        But God will restore them as a nation at the end time.  Israel is compared to Sheep.  The Messiah is the good shepherd.  He died so that there would be one nation.  He will gather together all nations to become one nation.

Zec 9:13  When3588 I have bent1869 Judah3063 for me, filled4390 the bow7198 with Ephraim,669 and raised5782 up thy sons,1121 O Zion,6726 against5921 thy sons,1121 O Greece,3120 and made7760 thee as the sword2719 of a mighty man.1368

Psa 78:52  But made his own people5971 to go forth5265 like sheep,6629 and guided5090 them in the wilderness4057 like a flock.5739

Psa 78:53  And he led5148 them on safely,983 so that they feared6342 not:3808 but the sea3220 overwhelmed3680 their enemies.341

Eze 34:13  And I will bring them out3318 from4480 the people,5971 and gather6908 them from4480 the countries,776 and will bring935 them to413 their own land,127 and feed7462 them upon413 the mountains2022 of Israel3478 by the rivers,650 and in all3605 the inhabited places4186 of the country.776

 Joh 10:16  And2532 other243 sheep4263 I have,2192 which3739 are2076 not3756 of1537 this5026 fold:833 them also2548 I3165 must1163 bring,71 and2532 they shall hear191 my3450 voice;5456 and2532 there shall be1096 one3391 fold,4167 and one1520 shepherd.4166

 Act 1:6  When they3588 (3303) therefore3767 were come together,4905 they asked1905 of him,846 saying,3004 Lord,2962 wilt thou(1487) at1722 this5129 time5550 restore again600 the3588 kingdom932 to Israel?2474

Act 1:8  But235 ye shall receive2983 power,1411 after that the3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 is come1904 upon1909 you:5209 and2532 ye shall be2071 witnesses3144 unto me3427 both5037 in1722 Jerusalem,2419 and2532 in1722 all3956 Judea,2449 and2532 in Samaria,4540 and2532 unto2193 the uttermost part2078 of the3588 earth.1093

 13.        The remnant will fish out the people out of the holes in the earth.

 Jer 16:15  But,3588, 518 The LORD3068 liveth,2416 that834 brought up5927 (853) the children1121 of Israel3478 from the land4480, 776 of the north,6828 and from all4480, 3605 the lands776 whither834, 8033 he had driven5080 them: and I will bring them again7725 into5921 their land127 that834 I gave5414 unto their fathers.1

Jer 16:16  Behold,2009 I will send7971 for many7227 fishers,1771 saith5002 the LORD,3068 and they shall fish1770 them; and after310, 3651 will I send7971 for many7227 hunters,6719 and they shall hunt6679 them from4480, 5921 every3605 mountain,2022 and from4480, 5921 every3605 hill,1389 and out of the holes4480, 5357 of the rocks.5553

Jer 30:3  For,3588 lo,2009 the days3117 come,935 saith5002 the LORD,3068 that I will bring again7725 (853) the captivity7622 of my people5971 Israel3478 and Judah,3063 saith559 the LORD:3068 and I will cause them to return7725 to413 the land776 that834 I gave5414 to their fathers,1 and they shall possess3423 it.

 Jer 30:10  Therefore fear3372 thou859 not,408 O my servant5650 Jacob,3290 saith5002 the LORD;3068 neither408 be dismayed,2865 O Israel:3478 for,3588 lo,2009 I will save3467 thee from afar,4480, 7350 and thy seed2233 from the land4480, 776 of their captivity;7628 and Jacob3290 shall return,7725 and shall be in rest,8252 and be quiet,7599 and none369 shall make him afraid.2729 

12.         The remnant must return to the land of Israel before the Messiah will come.

Psa 147:2  The LORD3068 doth build up1129 Jerusalem:3389 he gathereth together3664 the outcasts1760 of Israel.3478

Psa 102:16  When3588 the LORD3068 shall build up1129 Zion,6726 he shall appear7200 in his glory.3519

Jer 30:17  For3588 I will restore5927 health724 unto thee, and I will heal7495 thee of thy wounds,4480, 4347 saith5002 the LORD;3068 because3588 they called7121 thee an Outcast,5080 saying, This1931 is Zion,6726 whom no369 man seeketh1875 after.

 Jer 31:8  Behold,2009 I will bring935 them from the north6828 country,4480, 776 and gather6908 them from the coasts4480, 3411 of the earth,776 and with them the blind5787 and the lame,6455 the woman with child2029 and her that travaileth with child3205 together:3162 a great1419 company6951 shall return7725 thither.2008

 The period of time is called the controversy of Israel and the Day of the Lord.  It is a series of events that ocurr.

15.        The tribulation is referred to as Jacob’s trouble.

Jer 30:6  Ask7592 ye now,4994 and see7200 whether518 a man2145 doth travail with child?3205 wherefore4069 do I see7200 every3605 man1397 with his hands3027 on5921 his loins,2504 as a woman in travail,3205 and all3605 faces6440 are turned2015 into paleness?3420

Jer 30:7  Alas!1945 for3588 that1931 day3117 is great,1419 so that none4480, 369 is like it:3644 it1931 is even the time6256 of Jacob’s3290 trouble;6869 but he shall be saved3467 out of4480 it.

18.        Half of the city of Jerusalem will be have to leave their homes.

 Zec 14:2  For I will gather622 (853) all3605 nations1471 against413 Jerusalem3389 to battle;4421 and the city5892 shall be taken,3920 and the houses1004 rifled,8155 and the women802 ravished;7693 and half2677 of the city5892 shall go forth3318 into captivity,1473 and the residue3499 of the people5971 shall not3808 be cut off3772 from4480 the city.5892

17.   Jerusalem and the land of Israel will be given to the Grecians.  Greece is the father of democracy.  A democratic state will be setup.  They are tried to setup a democratic state in Israel. Jerusalem will be divided.

 Joe 3:6  The children1121 also of Judah3063 and the children1121 of Jerusalem3389 have ye sold4376 unto the Greeks,1121, 3125 that4616 ye might remove them far7368 from4480, 5921 their border.1366

 16.        Gaza will be forsaken.

The land of Israel gets divided. Gaza is the Westbank.

Ezk 36:1, 2, 5 The mountain of Israel is the Westbank.  The Arabs want the West Bank.

Eze 36:1  Also, thou859 son1121 of man,120 prophesy5012 unto413 the mountains2022 of Israel,3478 and say,559 Ye mountains2022 of Israel,3478 hear8085 the word1697 of the LORD:3068

Eze 36:2  Thus3541 saith559 the Lord136 GOD;3069 Because3282 the enemy341 hath said559 against5921 you, Aha,1889 even the ancient5769 high places1116 are1961 ours in possession:

The time is called the Controversy of Zion.  The Messiah will return for revenge on the people who have taken Zion.

 Isa 34:8  For3588 it is the day3117 of the LORD’s3068 vengeance,5359 and the year8141 of recompenses7966 for the controversy7379 of Zion.6726

14.        The Day of the Lord.

 Jer 30:6  Ask7592 ye now,4994 and see7200 whether518 a man2145 doth travail with child?3205 wherefore4069 do I see7200 every3605 man1397 with his hands3027 on5921 his loins,2504 as a woman in travail,3205 and all3605 faces6440 are turned2015 into paleness?3420

Isa 13:6  Howl3213 ye; for3588 the day3117 of the LORD3068 is at hand;7138 it shall come935 as a destruction7701 from the Almighty.4480, 7706

Zep 1:14  The great1419 day3117 of the LORD3068 is near,7138 it is near,7138 and hasteth4118 greatly,3966 even the voice6963 of the day3117 of the LORD:3068 the mighty man1368 shall cry6873 there8033 bitterly.4751

Zep 1:15  That1931 day3117 is a day3117 of wrath,5678 a day3117 of trouble6869 and distress,4691 a day3117 of wasteness7722 and desolation,4875 a day3117 of darkness2822 and gloominess,653 a day3117 of clouds6051 and thick darkness,6205 

Then the Messiah will return to fight for his people.

Zec 14:3  Then shall the LORD3068 go forth,3318 and fight against3898 those1992 nations,1471 as when3117 he fought3898 in the day3117 of battle.7128

Isa 34:2  For3588 the indignation7110 of the LORD3068 is upon5921 all3605 nations,1471 and his fury2534 upon5921 all3605 their armies:6635 he hath utterly destroyed2763 them, he hath delivered5414 them to the slaughter.2874

 Joe 3:2  I will also gather6908 (853) all3605 nations,1471 and will bring them down3381 into413 the valley6010 of Jehoshaphat,3092 and will plead8199 with5973 them there8033 for5921 my people5971 and for my heritage5159 Israel,3478 whom834 they have scattered6340 among the nations,1471 and parted2505 my land.776 The Messiah must return in a Jubilee year.

 19.        The son of Zion will oppose the sons of Greece.

 Zec 9:13  When3588 I have bent1869 Judah3063 for me, filled4390 the bow7198 with Ephraim,669 and raised5782 up thy sons,1121 O Zion,6726 against5921 thy sons,1121 O Greece,3120 and made7760 thee as the sword2719 of a mighty man.1368

 The Messiah is coming to heal the broken hearted.

 Isa 61:1  The Spirit7307 of the Lord136 GOD3069 is upon5921 me; because3282 the LORD3068 hath anointed4886 me to preach good tidings1319 unto the meek;6035 he hath sent7971 me to bind up2280 the brokenhearted,7665, 3820 to proclaim7121 liberty1865 to the captives,7617 and the opening of the prison6495 to them that are bound;631

 Isa 61:2  To proclaim7121 the acceptable7522 year8141 of the LORD,3068 and the day3117 of vengeance5359 of our God;430 to comfort5162 all3605 that mourn;57

 Isa 63:4  For3588 the day3117 of vengeance5359 is in mine heart,3820 and the year8141 of my redeemed1350 is come.935

When does the Messiah return?

 Mat 13:24  Another243 parable3850 put he forth3908 unto them,846 saying,3004 The3588 kingdom932 of heaven3772 is likened unto3666 a man444 which sowed4687 good2570 seed4690 in1722 his848 field:68

 Mat 13:25  But1161 while men444 slept,2518 his846 enemy2190 came2064 and2532 sowed4687 tares2215 among303, 3319 the3588 wheat,4621 and2532 went his way.565

 When is the Wheat harvest in Jerusalem?  It happens in the month of June.  So the end of the world will be in June.

 Mat 13:39  (1161) The3588 enemy2190 that sowed4687 them846 is2076 the3588 devil;1228 the3588 harvest2326 is2076 the end4930 of the3588 world;165 and2532 the3588 reapers2327 are1526 the angels.32

 Rev 14:15  And2532 another243 angel32 came1831 out of1537 the3588 temple,3485 crying2896 with1722 a loud3173 voice5456 to him that sat2521 on1909 the3588 cloud,3507 Thrust in3992 thy4675 sickle,1407 and2532 reap:2325 for3754 the3588 time5610 is come2064 for thee4671 to reap;2325 for3754 the3588 harvest2326 of the3588 earth1093 is ripe.3583


 Dan 7:3  And four703 great7260 beasts2423 came up5559 from4481 the sea,3221 diverse8133 one1668 from another.4481, 1668

 20.        When is Babylon cut off?  Babylon is cut off at the time of the end

Jer 50:16  Cut off3772 the sower2232 from Babylon,4480, 894 and him that handleth8610 the sickle4038 in the time6256 of harvest:7105 for fear4480, 6440 of the oppressing3238 sword2719 they shall turn6437 every one376 to413 his people,5971 and they shall flee5127 every one376 to his own land.776

 Jer 50:9  For,3588 lo,2009 I595 will raise5782 and cause to come up5927 against5921 Babylon894 an assembly6951 of great1419 nations1471 from the north6828 country:4480, 776 and they shall set themselves in array6186 against her; from thence4480, 8033 she shall be taken:3920 their arrows2671 shall be as of a mighty1368 expert7919 man; none3808 shall return7725 in vain.7387

 Mat 13:39  (1161) The3588 enemy2190 that sowed4687 them846 is2076 the3588 devil;1228 the3588 harvest2326 is2076 the end4930 of the3588 world;165 and2532 the3588 reapers2327 are1526 the angels.32


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